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Chapter 2773 The Escape

Chapter 2773 The Escape

However, the strange thing was that the torn arm did not bleed as he had imagined.

The blood seemed so thick that it solidified, tightly connecting the arm and the body.


Aiden dodged the palm. It landed on the ground and left a large hole.


Without giving Aiden any time to catch his breath, a red light flashed again.

Another arm shot out like lightning.

"Hahaha! Little brother, your sorry state makes me crave your body even more!"


Red flashes of lightning were everywhere.

Qin Ji's mouth, hair, feet, and even bones had become her killing weapon. These parts were separated from her body. Then, they were pulled back by the sticky blood again. Moreover, the power that erupted was also very terrifying.

It had even surpassed the power of level 9. The entire space trembled slightly.

"F*ck! What the he*l is this?"

A person cried out.

"You don't even know that this is the 'Creepy' that comes from the underground abyss. It's a waste for you to live for so long."

What was the Creepy?

"Qin Ji is a person who once fell into the abyss and survived, including Smoker Xie. The people who can get up from that place all have one characteristic, that is, they have awakened that kind of evil power. Otherwise, they would not be able to leave from there. Moreover, someone found out that one may need to eat enough flesh and blood to awaken the Creepy."

"The people who were thrown into the abyss all have an extreme will in their bodies. Countless of these people eat each other. In addition, various terrifying demon race beasts breed underground. This power isn't to be underestimated. I once saw Smoker Xie tear apart a Dao Realm level 11 person with one move."

Qin Yu gasped. It was indeed the Saint Kingdom.

There were all kinds of strange things, but he had never seen such things before.

At this moment, he found it difficult to understand the discussions of the people around him. He did not know if they were spouting nonsense or what.


Qin Ji's mouth brushed past Aiden's neck. She had bitten a mouthful of flesh.


It was indeed top-grade flesh!

Qin Ji revealed a crazy expression. It seemed that the flesh attracted her.

The evil image behind her let out a crazy cry.

In an instant, her body split into countless blood qi.

The strangest thing was that every solidified blood thread seemed to have a will. They let out a shrill howl.

After Qin Ji's body exploded, the blood vessels turned into serpents. The entire space fell into a strange red light in an instant.

Amidst the countless blood vessels, the ferocious woman became the center of control.

Her face was distorted and every muscle was squirming crazily.

Countless poisonous insects, snakes, and ants crawled in and out of her face riddled with holes. The scene was like hell.

What a fast speed and terrifying destructive power!

Qin Yu gasped. This power was enough to tear apart his Milky Way Holy Body.

In an instant, this storm-like attack caused countless wounds to appear on Aiden's body.

Fortunately, his speed was also extremely fast, so he dodged all the fatal injuries.

Otherwise, he would have lost the ability to resist even if he was hit just once with this power.

Aiden's expression turned serious. He didn't even have time to shoot an arrow with such speed.

The other party was not as crazy as she appeared to be. She was like an experienced hunter instead, not leaving him any chance.

Death Butterfly Flash Dance!

Aiden's body emitted a wave of power.

The moment this power fluctuated, almost everyone felt as if there was a force in the air that gently caressed their bodies.

Then, his body suddenly changed.

His speed seemed to have decreased. It was as if his movements had been slowed down by a thousand times. However, countless afterimages appeared. At the same time, this power seemed to have affected the countless blood threads.

Aiden's speed also decreased. His body seemed to have turned into a dancing butterfly.

He danced at the tip of the blade of death.

Every attack was displayed in front of everyone under the effect of slow motion. He barely dodged those fatal attacks.

Peak power?

Qin Yu was slightly shocked.

The profundity of this movement technique could affect a space.

All the blood threads around Aiden slowed down.

If it were Qin Yu, he would probably have to take these attacks head-on!


The shrill scream became louder and louder. The strange eyeball in the center of Qin Ji's body popped out.

It stared at Aiden like a demon. Its long red tongue stretched out a few meters and saliva kept dripping from the tip of its tongue.

Aiden slowly took down his Sun Chasing Bow. A sun-like energy gathered behind him.

He slowly pulled the bowstring as he dodged Qin Ji's attacks.

The terrifying energy stared at Qin Ji like the eyes of death.

It was waiting for an opportunity to strike her with a fatal blow.


However, Qin Ji did not seem to be afraid at all. She let out a crazy laugh and retracted the blood threads that filled the sky, returning to her previous exquisite body.

"Little brother, don't disappoint me."

Aiden lowered his gaze slightly. The other party was like a hunter from the beginning instead of a brainless person.

Could it be that she had a way to deal with his arrow?

While Aiden was still thinking, Qin Ji's body suddenly trembled.

All the internal qi that had gathered on her body dissipated at once. In almost an instant, she ran down crazily.

Everyone did the same thing almost at the same time.

For a moment, the place where many people were originally watching became empty.

Other than a few people left behind, the rest had all fled.

Only a few inexplicable people were left behind.

"What happened? What's going on?"

Another person beside him was also baffled.

"Don't look at me. I don't know either. Could it be that I didn't restrain the internal qi I emitted just now and scared these rascals away?"

A Dao Realm level 8 fatty touched his oily hair.𝒩Eew st𝒐ries at n𝒐/vel/bi/n(.)co𝒎

"Chang Mang!"

Just as Qin Yu was about to run away, he saw a familiar person following an old man down the mountain slowly.

He was overjoyed and immediately shouted.

"Get lost! Get lost!"

Chang Mang's body trembled violently as he mouthed.

He hoped that Qin Yu could understand what he meant. But how could Qin Yu, who was extremely excited, still observe his mouth shape?

"Oh! A bunch of impolite little fellows!"

The number one kulapati, who was walking in front of Chang Mang, said indifferently.

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