My Rich Wife

Chapter 2772 - 2772: The Creepy Abyss

Chapter 2772: The Creepy Abyss

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“Qin Yu! He’s not dead yet!”

Pang De said in horror.

Wu Tian had performed the first tribulation before, but he did not ask about it.

Moreover, the power of the first tribulation was far less powerful than the second tribulation. What shocked him the most was that Qin Yu could dodge the power of the first tribulation.

“Buddha Wu Tian, how could this kid escape the power of the first tribulation?”

“I’m not sure either. The power of the divine devil has wiped out his future. I can’t even predict it. That’s why I used the Seven Tribulations’ power of the second tribulation. The karma on this person is too heavy. If I were to come into contact with him, it would have a huge impact on me. That’s why I used the power of resentment.”

The Faramita of the Buddhist Sect was the most sacred place of the sect. It gathered the purest wish power of all living beings.

But at the same time, it would also give rise to the most extreme power of resentment. It included the most evil powers in human nature- greed, anger, obsession, anger, and other extreme dark fusion powers.

This power could even affect the power of heaven’s secrets and even a person’s fate.

Just like the moment the first tribulation was executed when Qin Yu was in the land of myriad tombs.

He felt that his cultivation was not smooth and he was even frustrated.

These were common things in cultivation, but they eventually led to the final big event when they were combined.

If Chen Shuang’s good friend had not entered Qin Yu’s divine soul and used Ethereal Enlightenment to let him sense the danger, he would probably have died during the first tribulation. “I also guess that someone is helping him from behind.”

Wu Tian smiled mysteriously.

“Do you need me to make a move? Even if I have to die, I will kill this kid!”

Pang De said with a solemn expression. The Demon Sealing Valley had fallen.

At this moment, the suppression of the Saint Energy on their bodies had disappeared. He could now almost unleash his full strength.

He was confident in killing Qin Yu.

“There’s no need. We only need to wait for the change. Moreover, my body should be about to arrive…”

Wu Tian raised his head and looked at a distant Saint Kingdom.

That was the direction of the Saint Kingdom where the masked woman was.

“The third body!”

Pang De was ecstatic.

Back then, Wu Tian had divided himself into five parts and suppressed them in five different Saint Kingdoms.

He didn’t expect to find three of them in a hundred years.

If all the bodies could be found, wouldn’t Buddha Wu Tian be able to descend to the mortal world once again?

Thinking of this, Pang De’s body trembled.

He had once seen Wu Tian in his mortal body.

At that time, the entire town had dried up for three years. Almost tens of thousands of people were on the verge of death before Wu Tian arrived.

Wu Tian killed the bandits in a nearby village, cut their meat into smoked meat, and poured their blood into barrels to send to the town.

Wu Tian had saved half of the people, but he had lost a lot of merit in this reincarnation. That was one of the reasons why he had become a demon.

However, the person who had cut off the flesh back then had long become the only Buddha in his heart.

No matter how great the Faramita of the Buddhist Sect was, where were they when the entire town fell into a dead end other than shouting empty slogans?

In the Nine Nether Cliff.

Bai Zizai, the first kulapati, suddenly narrowed his eyes and stood still as the power of resentment entered.

After a long time, his face revealed a puzzled expression. Then he continued to walk down slowly. Chang Mang followed behind him, not daring to utter a single word.

At this moment, Qin Yu had an inexplicable sense of unease surging in his heart for no reason.

Moreover, he felt extremely uncomfortable.

This was the second time he had felt this intense discomfort since coming to the Saint Kingdom.

However, he had already sensed a murderous intent here before he had time to notice it.

A battle had already begun nearby.

Moreover, the strength of these two people was not low judging from the murderous atmosphere of the confrontation.

“It is indeed as the rumors say. You are simply a feast for the eyes. I will definitely take you under my wing today.” A sweet voice suddenly sounded.

Qin Yu’s expression was a little strange.

He thought that it made sense if it was a man. However, the person who said this was a woman with a hot figure.

“Haha! How dare this little vixen show your face here. Don’t you know the name of Lecher Ji? I wonder how long this small body can last.” “Hahaha! Even a savage bull like me may not be able to stand it.”

“Forget it. You’re just a toothpick.”

Seeing that there was a battle, a circle of people slowly surrounded them.

Although these people had a glib tongue, they were paying close attention to this battle.

The Nine Nether Cliff was filled with top-notch battles. Every life-and-death battle was a rare opportunity for everyone to comprehend. That was why so many experts were gathered in this area. Discover 𝒏ew chapters at novelbi𝒏(.)co𝒎

“Are you ignoring me? What a cold little fellow!”

Qin Ji stuck out her red tongue and licked the corner of her mouth.

“Isn’t this Aiden?”

Qin Yu’s face revealed a strange expression.

Looking at the familiar Sun Chasing Bow, he could not help but laugh in surprise.

After parting ways in the Demon Sealing Valley, he did not expect to meet again here.

However, the battle between the two had already begun before Qin Yu could think more.

Aiden raised his index finger and the air suddenly froze.

In the next moment, the killing intent arrived.

The air was like a spring that accumulated power. Then, a terrifying arrow of light was released.

An explosive force spread out. The power of this attack was about Dao Realm level 9.

The violent force pushed the surrounding air apart, instantly stirring up a gust of wind.

“Little brother, you’re so anxious!”

Qin Ji exclaimed and let out a seductive moan.

She turned sideways at lightning speed. The explosive lightsaber directly tore her clothes away.

A majestic landscape was revealed.

Qin Yu narrowed his eyes. This woman was so strong.

She had done it on purpose, which meant that the arrow was not a threat to her.

Circles of veins appeared on her body. Then, the veins slowly protruded.

Countless ferocious runes suddenly covered her entire body. In an instant, her body was like a demon.

The hot look from before was nowhere to be seen. A vicious aura was emitted from her body instead.

At this moment, her internal qi changed completely. Qin Yu activated his Nine

Heavens Manifestations Gaze-

A monster with a ferocious face and a devil-like appearance was lying behind Qin Ji’s head.

“Could this be similar to a Taoist priest’s request for a god to possess him?

However, this thing is too strange!”

Qin Yu had never seen such a creature before.

This kind of thing was like a demon but it was not.

That internal qi was a little like evil energy.

While Qin Yu was still thinking, Qin Jits hand had already grabbed Aiden’s head.

Her entire arm was torn apart..

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