Soul Emperor Martial God

Chapter 5067: When Xiao Yi woke up, when he settled the accounts

Chapter 5067: When Xiao Yi woke up, when he settled the accounts

In the void, there was still a **** storm, and the battle continued.

Taixu Palace can be regarded as a "mingjin retreat" in a certain sense.

But the combat power of the five heavens is still in the void.

The five heavens belonged to the absolute control of the Emperor of Heaven, even if Xiao Yi wanted to leave behind, there was nothing he could do.

Therefore, even without the combat power of the Taixu Palace, today's endless void is still in a fierce full-scale battle in the melee of the blood flame world, evil cultivators, mysterious forces, and the five heavenly powers.

Void, a battlefield.

Boom boom boom...

Hundreds of thousands of thunder descended, blasting countless profound bees into nothingness.

Ran Qi was naturally the one who made the shot.

Over the past few months, Ran Qi has been supporting all parties on the battlefield of the blood inflammation world without stopping.

After solving the crisis on this battlefield, Ran Qi traversed the void all the way, preparing to rush to the next battlefield.


In front, a streamer flickered, blocking the way.

As soon as the streamer arrived, a terrible gunshot intent came.

Ran Qi reacted instantly, and instantly recognized the intent of the gun.


Ran Qi's spear hurried out, and thunder surged on the gun.

At the moment when the two sides met, Ran Qi was actually at a disadvantage, and Ben retreated heavily.

"Cut." After Ran Qi calmed down, gritted his teeth, the hand holding the gun trembling slightly.

"Gun Boy." Ran Qi squinted.

So far, among the boys who have appeared, only Jian Tong and Huo Tong are disciples of Taixu Palace. The rest are like blood boys and their identities and origins are extremely mysterious.

The name of the Gun Boy was also named by the Gun Boy himself when Ran Qi fought against him.

"Ran Qi." Gun Boy looked at Ran Qi's trembling hand and sneered.

"It seems that these days, rushing to help all the battlefields is very exhausting to you."

"So what?" Ran Qi pointed his spear directly, his momentum was not inferior at all.

"So what?" Gun boy sneered, "This boy has been waiting for you for a long time. Boredom is a bit boring, but waiting for work and waiting for the prey to pounce on yourself, that feeling is still quite wonderful."

"Oh, yes, there is a secular description, called "waiting for nothing, haha."

Ran Qi squinted, "It seems that you are very confident in yourself."

"It also seems that you have never seen a hunter bitten by a rabbit."

Gunboy sneered, "After this battle, there is no more Ran Qi."

"My gun boy said it."

The other side of the battlefield.

It is a battlefield of flames.

The battlefield belongs to Yan Yi and Huo Boy.

In Taixu Palace, Yan Yi was able to get rid of his forbidden foot and returned to the void again.

Similarly, Yan Yi had just left the Taixu Palace, and he kept supporting all parties on the battlefield of the Blood Flame Realm.

Just when its consumption was huge, Huo Boy suddenly appeared and stopped him in the void.

The Huozi at the moment, with a gloomy face, sneered.

"After this war, this boy promised that there would be no more Yan Yi in the void."

"Ha ha ha ha."

Two months later.

It belongs to the battlefield of Ran Qi and Gun Boy.

"Six Frightening Spears, kill!" Ran Qi shouted violently.

"Magic Spear." The Gun Boy yelled coldly.

The two guns collided instantly and blasted in an instant.

Thunder, covering most of the star field.

The guns are sharp and raging.

When everything returned to normal, Gun Boy sneered, while Ran Qi was already out of breath.

One is a half-travel ancestor, waiting for work with ease, full of strength.

One is only Extreme Extreme, but it consumes a lot of money, and was intercepted on the way to support.

The outcome is actually obvious.

Two months of fierce battle, enough to tell the outcome of this battle.

"You lost." The gun boy pointed at Ran Qi with his spear and sneered.


A black light burst from the gun boy's hand, and then took Ran Qi straight away.

The speed of the black light is extremely fast, and Ran Qi, who is approaching this state, is inevitable, and there is no way to hide.

The black light instantly flooded Ran Qi.

After a long while, everything returned to normal.

Ran Qi suddenly shrank his pupils.

In the next instant, Ran Qi's fierce eyes suddenly became empty and absent.

Gunboy sneered, "Starting today, you are a loyal dog under that adult."

The other battlefield belongs to Yan Yi and Huo Boy.


One is a half-travel ancestor, waiting for work with ease, full of strength.

One is only Extreme Extreme, but it consumes a lot of money, and was intercepted on the way to support.

The outcome is equally obvious.

A black flame swallowed Yan Yi.

When everything returned to normal, Yan Yiben's eyes became empty and absent.

"Ha, ha ha..." Huo Boy smiled strangely, like a smile and cry.

"Failed, you Yan Yi is defeated."

"From today onwards, you are just like me, only a puppet under the command of that adult, he...hehe..."

Huo Boy was smiling, but his smile was extremely ugly, and there was a deep sadness in his eyes.


Void, a **** storm.

This all-out war can be said to have affected the entire endless void.

And there was a time when Taixu Palace was also involved. Until two months ago, Taixu Palace suddenly "received soldiers with gold."

However, since Taixu Palace has been involved in it, can it really easily stay out of the matter and leave?

That dark giant net is about to be closed.

That terrible hand seemed to hold this whole piece of endless void in the palm of his hand.

This day.

This empty and recognized martial arts sacred place was suddenly broken by an overwhelming momentum.

A huge dark scene slowly descended from the sky above Taixu Palace.

If a black cloud presses over the Taixu Palace.

In an instant, a dark and icy atmosphere filled the entire Taixu Palace.

Whoosh whoosh...

The Twelve Dao Ancestors were shocked instantly.

Looking at the black clouds in the sky that seemed to swallow the entire Taixu Palace, the Twelve Dao Ancestors' expressions changed drastically.

"What a terrible breath." Mingli Daozu's face changed drastically, "Dark and extremely cold."

The face of Tianchao Dao Ancestor also changed drastically, "This kind of aura is the tenth emperor realm, and a demigod exists."

hold head high

Suddenly, among the black clouds, a black tornado fell from the sky.

In the tornado, a giant beast appeared out of thin air.

The behemoth, completely black, looks like a dog, has no claws, limbs, and feet, but has a fierce and ferocious face.

The Twelve Dao Ancestor watched the appearance of this giant beast, and his expression changed again, "How is it possible, the ultimate heart demon, the chaos of the beast?"

Chaos of fierce beasts?

It is known as the end of all heart demons, the strongest fierce beast.

That's the Dao ancestor level before you can encounter the heart demon.

That is the terrible existence that all the Twelve Dao ancestors wanted to overcome.

"Taixu Palace, surrender, or perish." The giant beast made a low voice.


Among the Twelve Dao Ancestors, two figures flashed.

Bang the two popping sounds...



Mingli Daozu and Tiancai Daozu spit out a mouthful of blood at the same time, their faces pale.

Behind them, Heavenly Sword Dao Ancestor and Wuxiang Dao Ancestor were hitting their backs heavily.

"Heaven Sword, Wuxiang, you..." Daozu Mingli's face changed drastically.

Tianjian Daozu sneered, "Compared with the destruction of Taixu Palace, I choose the former."

Will this day be the end of Taixu Palace?


But this day, Yanlong Territory, Eastern Territory.

Xiao Yi, who had been silent for a long time, finally slowly opened his eyes and woke up from his practice.

"It's done." Xiao Yi's expression was joyful, his face glowing with confidence.

"This time, calculate the ledger."


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