Myth Beyond Heaven

Chapter 2084 Beyond Comprehension (2)

Chapter 2084 Beyond Comprehension (2)

Yun Lintian frowned deeply. He couldn't understand what these gods were saying. Who was the Devourer? Was it the Chasm of Uncreation? And who exactly were these gods?

He looked up and asked, "Wait a minute. Are you the ancient gods from the Primordial Era? If so, which Primordial God did you serve?"

"Primordial Gods? Who are they?" The God of Valor inquired curiously.

Yun Lintian was stunned. What was happening here?

"We serve the Creator," the War God stated calmly.

"You serve the Creator...?" Yun Lintian felt his mind being blown apart. These beings clearly had no knowledge of the Primordial Gods. Could this mean they predated them?

From what he knew, the Creator and the Chasm of Uncreation seemed to be coeval, born around the same time. After the Chasm's defeat, the Creator supposedly created the thirteen Primordial Gods to manage the Primal Chaos and then vanished. Where did these ten gods come from?

There was obviously something wrong here, but Yun Lintian couldn't find a clue to break through it.

Yun Lintian carefully combed through the information in his head before asking, "The God Tomb was created shortly before the Primordial War. How could you appear here without knowing the Primordial Gods?"

The ten gods glanced at each other in confusion.

"Can you elaborate more? What is the Primordial War? And who are these Primordial Gods?" The God of Valor inquired with a frown.

Yun Lintian thought for a moment and explained, "After defeating the Chasm of Uncreation, the Creator created the thirteen Primordial Gods to govern the Primal Chaos. The Primordial War refers to the battle between the Primordial Gods, which ultimately destroyed the balance of the Primal Chaos." ViiSit n𝒐velb𝒊n(.)c/(𝒐)m for l𝒂test 𝒏𝒐vels

"It seems there's been a misunderstanding. The Chasm of Uncreation was indeed defeated by the Creator. However, its residual will managed to escape during the Creator's weakened state. Later, it gave birth to the Devourer," the Scholar God patiently explained.

"We were originally the Creator's servants, created to deal with the Devourer. As I mentioned earlier, our arrogance led us here. We used our lives to seal the Devourer."

The Scholar God took a deep look at Yun Lintian and said in a deep voice, "Our time is running out. We need to find a new guardian to take our place. You've earned our respect. We are willing to offer you choices."

Yun Lintian's expression changed slightly. "Those people…"

"We have no choice. We need to consume their essence to delay our departure," the God of Valor replied honestly.

Yun Lintian fell silent. He didn't care much about those hundred people, but the situation still sat uncomfortably with him.

Pushing those thoughts aside, he asked, "You have no knowledge of the Primordial Gods at all? Do you know where the Creator is?"

"What happened? Did our master disappear?" The War God asked hurriedly.

"After creating the Primordial Gods, the Creator mysteriously vanished. No one has ever found his trace since," Yun Lintian explained briefly.

"Our master is a woman," the God of Valor spoke up.

Yun Lintian was stunned. He always thought the Creator was a man.

"This is strange," the Scholar God frowned deeply. "There shouldn't be anything that could threaten the Creator... Could it be the Chasm of Uncreation? But how could that be possible?"

A series of murmurs rippled through the ten gods. Their usual stoic expressions were now clouded with confusion.

Yun Lintian was even more puzzled. He tried to arrange the timeline anew. Everything seemed to start with the Creator and the Chasm of Uncreation, followed by the ten gods and the Devourer. Afterward, the thirteen Primordial Gods were created, and the Creator went missing.

What Yun Lintian couldn't understand was how the Tower of Limits appeared here and why no one seemed to be aware of the existence of the ten gods. What was going on here?

Yun Lintian felt as though his head was about to explode. Everything was shrouded in mystery, beyond his current comprehension.

"Can you clarify my doubt first? How could you appear in the God Tomb without knowing about the Primordial Gods, especially the God of Heaven who supposedly created this place?" Yun Lintian pressed again.

"The God of Heaven? Created this place?" The God of Valor frowned slightly. "We are the ones who created this place and sealed ourselves here. Later, more people came and were entombed here. We've never encountered any Primordial Gods you've mentioned so far."

Yun Lintian's mind went numb with disbelief. So... the God of Heaven didn't create the God Tomb? How could everyone have gotten that wrong?

A sudden thought struck him. "Where did these entombed people come from? Surely, you gleaned some information from them, right?"

"You overestimate our current state. As you can see, we've almost entirely lost our power. We could only sense the presence of newcomers," the Scholar God replied.

"We couldn't even read your mind here," the God of Valor added. "Everything you've encountered so far was a manifestation of your own power."

"I see," Yun Lintian could only accept their explanation.

"Your arrival here could be a twist of fate, allowing us to understand the outside world," the Scholar God said gently. "However, we don't wish to delve deeper."

"Why?" Yun Lintian was perplexed. Wouldn't anyone want answers in this situation?

"I suspect someone has been actively preventing us from learning about the outside world. Whatever their motive is, I have no desire to become entangled in it," the Scholar God explained calmly.

Yun Lintian stared intently at the Scholar God, his mind a whirlwind of questions.

"Since you've made your decision, it's time for you to leave," the Scholar God said firmly.

Yun Lintian's head was swimming with questions, but the situation was too overwhelming for him to formulate them clearly. It seemed futile to pry into the mysteries at hand.

The Scholar God waved his hand, and a blinding light erupted before Yun Lintian.

"Wait! Do you know anything about the Soul Scepter and the Tome of Chaos?" Yun Lintian blurted out, but it was too late. The blinding light engulfed him completely, and he vanished from the chamber.

"Big brother..." The God of Valor looked at the Scholar God quizzically, unable to understand his haste in sending Yun Lintian away.

The Scholar God's expression turned grim. "Someone has tampered with time..."

The God of Valor and the others were stunned.

The Scholar God gazed at the spot where Yun Lintian disappeared and added, "He would be in danger if we continued."

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