First Immortal of the Sword

Chapter 1251 - The Jade Sea and Mount Penglai

Chapter 1251 - The Jade Sea and Mount Penglai

Waves rose and fell throughout a vast blue sea.

The shore was lined with strange, craggy rocks. Sudden waves crashed onto the beach.

Su Yi stood atop a boulder, gazing into the distance.

Is this the Divine Kingdom of Illusions?

The rumored kingdom the divine realm left behind?

Su Yi couldn’t help but feel a bit stunned.

When he passed through that doorway, it was as if he’d initiated a temporal and spatial shift. The stars seemed to revolve around him, and then, he found himself here.

As far as the eye could see, there was nothing but endless blue waters and faint clouds hanging high in the sky. There was no sign of a kingdom. No, this seemed like a hidden realm!

Su Yi stretched out his divine sense, and he quickly detected wisps of incomparably mysterious spiritual energy throughout the surrounding air.

Each minute wisp seemed capable of crushing an entire mountain range. They were chock-full of the dense power of the Grand Dao.

Su Yi found this quite surprising.

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A wisp of spiritual energy reacted as if summoned, revolving around Su Yi’s fingertip.

Could this be immortal qi? Su Yi was startled. This wisp of energy is like translucent amber, and it contains incomparably overflowing power of the Grand Dao. It’s both dense and pure.

It’s far beyond the world’s spiritual energy!

Su Yi was impressed, and he suddenly recalled a few rumors.

Rumor had it that those who ascended and became immortals could reach the Immortal Realm. There, they could consume immortal spiritual energy and establish an eternal, undying Dao and everlasting longevity.

There were also rumors that true immortals could breathe immortal origin power, control Immortal Laws, and overturn heaven and earth at will.

The rumors varied, but all of them agreed that becoming an immortal meant reaching the pinnacle of power. It was the highest possible cultivation boundary.

Of course, it wouldn’t do to take mere rumors too seriously. They were far-fetched and didn’t stand up to scrutiny.

Many of the rumors had appeared essentially out of nowhere, and they weren’t realistic at all.

But Su Yi was certain that if Immortals and the Immortal Path really existed, the root of their cultivation had to lie in absorbing power that transcended the spiritual energy of heaven and earth.

The power of the Immortal Dao!

If this really is the aura of the Immortal Realm, that could perhaps prove that this really is a pure land the Immortal Realm left behind... thought Su Yi.

As he pondered, he looked around, then sat cross-legged and circulated his cultivation base.


Throughout the surrounding area, wisps of the aura of the Grand Dao surged into Su Yi, like a rain of immortal light.

Su Yi quivered, and a strange look appeared on his face.

The aura of the Grand Dao flooded into his body like an avalanche or tidal wave. Its energy was boundless and dense, and his aura boiled over.

Throughout his body, his skin, flesh, tendons, bones, meridians, acupoints, and organs... all received unprecedented nourishment.

And his cultivation base caught ablaze. It was as if heaven and earth were a roaring furnace!

Less than ten minutes later, Su Yi sensed that his cultivation boundary had advanced!

He was nearing a breakthrough into the mid-stage Heavenly Longevity Realm!

Even he couldn’t help but exclaim over this earth-shaking transformation.

Alas, the aura of the Grand Dao was sparse here; Su Yi had already refined it all.

But soon, he made yet another discovery.

After tempering his cultivation base in this “immortal energy,” his power of the Grand Dao had a new, distinctive quality to it.。

Is this the charm of the Immortal Path? Su Yi’s eyebrows rose.


Waves suddenly surged in the distant waters. A massive turtle rode in on the wind, breaking through the surface of the water. Its shell was like a massive ritual ground, and its head was the size of a house.

“My young friend, have you perhaps come here in search of immortality?” The turtle’s deep, mellow voice boomed throughout heaven and earth.

Su Yi examined the turtle. “Why do you ask?”

The turtle said, “This place is called the Jade Sea. It contains immortal ruins, as well as immortal pure lands only attainable by those chosen by fate.”

The turtle paused, then said, “This old turtle is a guide to the Jade Sea. My job is to welcome those fated to arrive here. Quick, hop on!

With that, it shifted its massive frame around.

“Very well. I’ll just have to have a look.” Su Yi smiled, then shot into the air and landed gently on the turtle’s shell.


The old turtle’s limbs cut through the water as it proceeded deep into the Jade Sea.

“What should I call you, my young friend?” asked the turtle.

Su Yi told it his name. “You say that immortal ruins lie in these waters. Were they... truly left here by immortals?”

“But of course,” said the turtle. “This old turtle grew up swimming through the Jade Sea. I received guidance from the immortal masters of the Six Directions Immortal Palace, granting me intellect. I’ve served as a guide ever since. Over the years, I’ve helped countless others like you in their pursuit of immortality.”

The Jade Sea? The Six Directions Immortal Palace?

As Su Yi pondered this, he asked, “Are those immortals still around?”

The old turtle shook its head and sighed. “A long, long time ago, the immortals left. I don’t know where they went either.”

The Jade Sea was boundlessly vast. As the turtle carried him ever deeper into its waters, the two of them conversed, and Su Yi quickly discovered something.

There were severe problems with the turtle’s memory.

There were many things it couldn’t remember.

For instance, it didn’t remember where it was supposed to go after guiding a seeker or immortality, or where the ruins of the Six Directions Immortal Palace were. It couldn’t remember at all.

The turtle had displayed no trace of malintent all this time. Were that not the case, Su Yi would have suspected it was tricking him.

“I remember now! The greatest place in the Jade Sea is called Penglai!” The turtle suddenly shouted. “That’s right. Penglai Immortal Mountain! But...”

Here, it hung its head. “I can’t recall where Penglai Immortal Mountain is...”

“Then where are you taking me?” asked Su Yi.

The turtle froze, then seemed to be racking its brains.

“Forget it,” said Su Yi. He sat cross-legged on its shell. “Just follow your instincts.”

“Very well.” The old turtle nodded.

As time slipped by, the distant dome of heaven dimmed. Dark clouds rumbled, filling the skies like ink. The curtain of heaven was smeared black.

The waves rumbled across the Jade Sea. Lightning flashed and thunder rumbled with increasing explosiveness.

The turtle seemed baffled. “The Jade Sea has always been peaceful. Even when winds run rampant, immortals have always come to quell them, so no unexpected disasters occurred. Why is this happening...?”

Su Yi’s gaze shifted inscrutably. He sighed. “You still don’t understand? It’s a different era.”

The turtle said in confusion, “A different era? My young friend, might I ask what year it is?”

Su Yi thought for a moment. “It’ll be difficult to explain clearly, as everything you remember has long since vanished into the unknown.”

“I have truly grown old, and oftentimes, my awareness is muddled. It’s often difficult for me to remember the past...” The turtle sighed bleakly.

Su Yi fell silent.

Off in the distance, the Jade Sea churned. Thunder and lightning surged, and from time to time, he heard the sounds of slaughter shaking the heavens.

“This is far enough.” Su Yi rose.

“Are you afraid, my young friend? Do you dare not proceed any further?” The turtle gently tried to comfort him. “Don’t be afraid. With me to guide you, nothing bad will happen.”

Su Yi said, “I trust that you won’t hurt me, but... the Illusionist isn’t so kind-hearted.”

The turtle was stunned. “The Illusionist?”


The hum of a sword rang out. Su Yi pressed his fingers together and slashed at the turtle’s house-sized head.

Its skull instantly fell off, and its massive body crumbled.

“Why attack me, my young friend?” an infuriated roar rang out.

A wisp of the turtle’s soul appeared reflected above the Jade Sea. Rage and confusion were written all over its face.

Su Yi sighed softly. “In truth, you died a long time ago. You are only capable of standing here and conversing with me because someone is using you; they just awakened a portion of your shattered will and lingering obsession.”

The turtle’s eyes filled with bewilderment. “Truly?”

Su Yi nodded. “Look.”

As he spoke, he suddenly leaped into the air, robes billowing around him. A streak of sword qi extended between heaven and earth, then descended.


The dome of heaven shattered, and the Jade Seas split.

The distant clouds, thunder, lightning, and winds... all popped like soap bubbles, shattering beneath his sword.

The entire world collapsed with a bang.

The scene changed.

They were now in a desolate, barren landscape. The dome of heaven was overcast, and the ground lay in ruin. Nothing grew here, not even an inch of grass. All of its vitality had dried up.

Dense death qi lingered in the air, yet to disperse despite the passage of countless years. It was like a land of death the world had cast aside!

A fragmented corpse appeared before Su Yi. It was so damaged he could barely recognize the pieces of turtle shell strewn across the ground.

The old turtle’s soul body was manifested from the fragments of its shell.

“This...” The turtle’s eyes widened, and it said in a quavering voice, “I... I’m truly... already dead!?”

Its voice was full of panic and bewilderment.

“Our meeting was like a union of the past and present. I should naturally grant you true release,” said Su Yi.

With that, he flicked his fingertips. The Laws of the Far Shore condensed into flames at his fingertip, then drifted onto the turtle’s body.

The turtle looked dazed, as if it saw a path paved entirely out of the flowers of the far shore. Before long, its bewilderment and panic vanished completely.

Both were replaced with calm composure and relief.

“Many thanks, my young friend!” The old turtle shook its head, and its illusory soul body slowly disappeared.

Su Yi looked into the distance.

There stood a massive chasm. Baleful mists billowed out of its depths, and thunder and lightning boomed.

Even from a distance, Su Yi could detect a bone-chilling, dangerous presence.

Both the Jade Sea and the old turtle were like mirages. Someone was using them to create an illusion of long-vanished scenery.

If he hadn’t stopped the turtle in time, it would likely have carried him into that massive chasm!

The consequences of that would surely have been unimaginable.


Suddenly, an arc of light shot out of the chasm, stinging the eyes with its flashing immortal light. It shot explosively at Su Yi.

Upon closer inspection, that “arc of light” was actually a rusted, broken sword!

As the broken sword descended, its enormous power seemed intent on splitting the entire stretch of heaven and earth.

Su Yi’s gaze focused.

The Dark and Gold Fortune Vine silently appeared in his grip, then transformed into a simple, plain vine shield in front of him.


The resulting impact shook heaven and earth.

Both Su Yi and his shield were sent flying ruthlessly back.

Before Su Yi could steady himself, the broken sword attacked once more!

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