Emperor's Domination

Chapter 5754: Should We Stay Here?

Chapter 5754: Should We Stay Here?

“Perhaps we’ll benefit from the place after a trip.” Li Qiye didn’t give the star time to think.

Alas, it remained cautious of him.

He waved his hand and asked the cloud: “Don’t you think I’m a good guy?”

The cloud, whether truthful or otherwise, nodded repeatedly like a chicken pecking grains.

The star scowled contemptuously at the sycophant.

“Elder Galaxy was home to undying geezers, this became a tradition, almost, since the old epochs. Most picked this place to hide, not to store things and leave. This is why this particular case is special.” Li Qiye elaborated.

“Epochs come and go, Trinity can be reduced to ashes, the same for my Seven Nights. However, Elder Galaxy will continue unless it is forcefully destroyed, that’s virtually impossible, right?” He got a nod from the star with this statement.

“It is your home, and those guests will leave eventually.” He said: “But what if someone finds a way to stay for much longer, eventually taking roots until tough enough to chase you out.”

It became angry after hearing this possibility.

“It’s hypothetical but plausible.” Li Qiye said: “Of course, I can find it myself, I will just have to stay here for a very long time. It’s like finding a needle in a haystack, but that needle is still there, it’s a matter of time.”

It snorted and looked in a different direction.

“I’m not one to force others to do things, I can eventually find the place along with the undying geezers.” He then smirked: “But to do so, I need a long-term place to stay. Hmm, this heart of the celestial river is not bad at all, having both essences and heavenly energies flowing all the time.”

Having said that, he patted the cloud: “What do you think? Should we stay here?”

The cloud was too comfortable and nodded instantly. The star, on the other hand, didn’t want this and jumped down next to Li Qiye, seemingly wanting to grab his collar.

Li Qiye’s demeanor remained friendly, not minding the aggression in the slightest. He had firmly made up his mind and nothing would change it.

The star became discouraged after seeing his determination. In the end, it reluctantly agreed to his request.

It circled in the air, causing the celestial river to shed some light. A particular set of coordinates light up, seemingly insignificant considering the size of the expanse.

These coordinates looked identical to the others, only revealing their secrets to actual visitors.

“Let’s go take a look? This place is different from the rest.” Li Qiye invited the star again.

It nodded after a second of hesitation.

“Off we go.” He patted the cloud and stood up.

He jumped into the bright set of coordinates and it followed him. The star looked around once before jumping in as well.


This spatial realm was entirely sealed. Finding the coordinates didn’t mean gaining access since it didn’t seem to exist in the real world.

Being nearby gave the illusion that nothing was here. The coordinates also dimmed down, on the verge of extinguishing. Of course, Li Qiye saw through it and released primordial light. Read lat𝙚st chapters at nov(𝒆)lbin.com Only

“Clank!” The rays immediately locked onto something, not allowing the coordinates to disappear.

His light illuminated the coordinates and the special realm. The rays then conjured a portal to the non-existent area.

Li Qiye smiled and entered with the cloud and star right behind him. The trio was greeted by a world with verdant mountains and lush greenery. The air was as fresh as the visual spectacle.

Other cultivators might not notice anything but Li Qiye’s senses permeated throughout the world.

“A mortal world?” He murmured; his brows furrowed.

He didn’t spot any cultivator, not even slightly powerful martial artists. The concept of cultivation seemed absent from this world.

“Something’s off.” He also sensed the lack of dao power and worldly essences. Dao laws weren’t present either.

Without them, special metals, jades, and other natural resources couldn’t be born. Everything needed by cultivators couldn’t be found here.

Thus, from a cultivator’s perspective, this world was barren and destitute, unable to sustain them.

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