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Chapter 2718 White-Style Teaching Method

Chapter 2718 White-Style Teaching Method

Opening the Tribulation Transcender's void node required the concerted effort of Song Shuhang and Young White; both were essential. Thus, no matter who entered the 'Tribulation Transcender void node' first, the other had to remain in the Tribulation Transcender void.

Upon hearing this, Song Shuhang considered briefly and then proposed, "Senior White, could we try to squeeze Dog Song's kennel into a Tribulation Transcender void node? Then, both of us could enter Dog Song's kennel and share a Tribulation Transcender void node?"

"A Tribulation Transcender node houses a primordial spirit. If we force two complete primordial spirits into one, who knows what kind of anomalies might arise? The danger is too great, so I wouldn't recommend 
it," Young White replied, shaking his head.

Previously, when Song Shuhang visited the Tribulation Transcender nodes of Sage Monarch Seventh Cultivator of True Virtue, Profound Sage Spirit Butterfly, and Fairy Skylark, he had only inserted a fingernail-sized piece of his primordial spirit, which was very small and unlikely to cause any disruptions.

However, if two nearly complete primordial spirits entered the same Tribulation Transcender node, even Senior White couldn't predict what might happen.

Although the idea sounded intriguing... if an accident occurred, he might emerge unscathed, but Song Shuhang would certainly perish.

Therefore, in this uncertain situation, Senior White dismissed Song Shuhang's suggestion.

"What should we do then?" Song Shuhang's primordial spirit reverted to its human form and he sat down cross-legged.

Young White began to ponder.

After a moment, Young White suggested, "We should try to allocate just a portion of our primordial spirits into each Tribulation Transcender node. Building on this idea, I plus a part of you could enter one Tribulation Transcender node, and then you plus a part of me could enter another." The experienced Song Shuhang immediately understood what the younger man meant. "Just like when I separated my head from my 
body, I'll split off a part of my primordial spirit for you, Senior White, to use to stabilize the void node of the Tribulation Transcender Realm with your pseudo-immortal energy after opening it. Then, Senior White, you will also split a part of your primordial spirit to assist me with the disposable flying sword technique to open the Tribulation Transcender's spatial node, right?"

"That's right," Young White said with a smile. "This way, we can simultaneously open two Tribulation Transcender nodes and enter the Tribulation Transcender's tribulation point with the unit of 'one primordial spirit.""

"In that case, do you need to extract my primordial spirit's head again?" Song Shuhang asked.

His primordial spirit could only be separated from his head and body... During his pseudo-undying state, he could cut his body as he pleased. However, once he exited the
pseudo-immortal state, he would die if his severed body did not recover.

"There's no need to go through so much trouble. Since we still have some time, I'll teach you two spells today," Young White stated, hands clasped behind his back. "You're now truly a Profound Sage, having caught up to my level, so it's time you learned some new spells."

Song Shuhang reached up to scratch his head in embarrassment, but ended up grasping at air.

Actually, if he had a bit more time to gather a few more powerful 'Overlord God Pillars, he could match the Demon Emperor and conquer the world just with the 'Overlord God Pillar!

After all, the Overlord God Pillar was a truly versatile ability. It could heal, attack, defend, support, set up formations, and serve as a spatial coordinate. There was simply nothing the Overlord God Pillar couldn't do.

In Song's doghouse palace.

Young White sat on the bed, while the headless Song Shuhang sat upright on the ground, enveloping Young White with his divine sense and listening attentively.

"For convenience in the upcoming operations, I'll now teach you two spells. One is the Primordial Spirit Splitting Scripture, useful in a Tribulation Transcender-level battle.

This cultivation technique can be used on both enemies and oneself. Th𝓮 most uptodate nov𝑒ls are published on no(v)eln[e]'m

When used on oneself, it can split one's primordial spirit into several pieces, yet ensure the primordial spirit remains unharmed.

If used on an opponent's primordial spirit, it can directly shatter their primordial spirit or projection.

When mastered to the extreme, it can even reverse cut the source. After cracking the enemy's primordial spirit projection, it can also directly affect the primordial spirit of the Tribulation Transcender in the void node," Young White explained slowly.

"When used on oneself, it's a supreme life-saving secret technique. When used on an enemy, it's a technique to eradicate the roots. This Primordial Spirit Splitting Scripture is stern with enemies and lenient with oneself. The person who created this spell is definitely a genius," Song Shuhang laughed.

Displaying the harsh side to enemies and reserving the gentle side for oneself. It was unclear which kind-hearted senior had created such a secret technique.

"It's a secret technique that I developed after discussing it with Nine Nether White," Young White revealed slowly.

In fact, the method of splitting the primordial spirit without any pain or sequelae... at present, only Senior White Two had a solution, and Song Shuhang's head was proof of that.

"So it's a magical technique that you and Senior White Two created. It's truly amazing!" Song Shuhang quickly added a bit of flattery-fortunately, he hadn't made any untoward comments when discussing this magical technique. There were no remarks about the spell being 'bizarre' or anything of the sort.

"Additionally, I'll teach you how to control the 'disposable flying sword, Tribulation Transcender Void Node version, as well as how to repair, activate, and stop the flying sword runes," Young White added.

This was just in case... If his primordial spirit entered the Tribulation Transcender's void node first and entered a deep seclusion, he wouldn't be able to attend to Song Shuhang's situation.

Senior White was very self-aware, so he left a backup plan.

With this knowledge, even if something unexpected happened, Song Shuhang could rely on that part of his primordial spirit to take over the control of the disposable flying sword and carve out a node from the 
Tribulation Transcender's void.

Unfortunately, Song Shuhang's foundation in runes and formations was too weak, and he also lacked the ability to control 'space! Otherwise, Senior White could have directly taught him the complete version of 
the 'Uni-nature Flying Sword: Tribulation Transcender' node version, which would have saved him so much trouble.

"There's not much time, so when I explain the spells, you need to work hard to remember and learn them seriously," Young White said earnestly.

"I will work hard," Song Shuhang replied. "But if possible... I hope Senior White can use the 'White Style' to teach me the True Essence Soul Splitting Scripture."

The so-called White Style teaching method was to compress an incredibly complex teaching method into the content of one or several runes.

Song Shuhang only needed to learn the principle and master one or several runes to master a complicated magical technique.

For example, the lightning technique that Song Shuhang was currently using, the Lightning Palm, was a masterpiece of the folding teaching method.

Young White was speechless.

Had he inadvertently spoiled Shuhang?Discover 𝒏ew chapters at novelbi𝒏(.)co𝒎

He actually said it without hesitation.

"It's mainly because I know my limits," Song Shuhang said. "I don't have confidence in myself if it's too complicated."

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