Celestial Bloodline

Chapter 381 There’s a supreme being sleeping inside

Chapter 381 There's a supreme being sleeping inside

Kyle sighed and grabbed a new set of clothes and a pair of shoes from his mind space. Soon, he walked out of the frozen room and stood in the empty corridor, in a suit made of soft fabric in a rich shade of midnight blue.

The suit jacket fit him perfectly, hugging his broad shoulders, while the impeccably tailored trousers draped elegantly down to his shoes. The color of the suit beautifully complemented his skin tone and his bright green eyes.

It was such a serene and beautiful sight, but everything changed when Kyle let out a curse and looked around in frustration.

"Why am I all alone in this huge place? Did everyone forget about me because of the situation?"

He quickly walked away from the corridor, which was covered in a thin layer of ice. The ice must have come from the room where he regained consciousness.

Kyle noticed a nearby window and decided to jump out instead of aimlessly walking in this vast, empty place.

His body stumbled a bit since he hadn't used his mana for months, but he quickly regained his balance mid-air and looked around. Instantly, a large garden entered his sight surrounded by towering walls, but all the plants and greenery in the garden had withered.

There was no sign of a fight, though. Only after a few seconds, he knew he was inside Kingdom Escalante Royal Castle. He had visited this place once before, so he remembered the familiar layout.

Suddenly, a loud metallic noise echoed in a faraway place. Kyle raised his head and saw a cloud of smoke rising in the sky. It seemed like someone was fighting. His ears twitched a little when he heard many faint noises mixed with the metallic sound.

He furrowed his brows and activated his scent perception skill to check if there were any humans nearby. To his relief, he sensed two presences in front of the castle gate.

Kyle blinked and vanished. In the next second, he appeared above two weak-looking humans wearing armor similar to guards and holding weapons.

However, before Kyle could speak, one of the guards looking in the direction of the metallic sound let out a high-pitched noise. Then, he roughly grabbed the calm guard next to him and shook him with a tear-filled face. Updat𝒆d fr𝒐m nov𝒆lb(i)n.c(o)m

"Why? Why are we stationed here? I don't want to die! I want to go see my grandma!"

The other guard, who was being shaken back and forth, looked at him with narrowed eyes. He slapped the crying guard's hand away.

"Don't worry, you won't die. This place is the safest, even safer than the newly formed Continent."

The crying guard, who had just started his duty today after arriving here through the teleportation array in the castle, stared at his fellow in disbelief.

"There's definitely a fight happening in the distance, can't you hear the noise? We're going to die! We're in the middle of a Kingdom that has been conquered by the enemies! Do you think they'll overlook this huge Castle?"

The other guard clicked his tongue and grabbed the crying guard's shoulder, leaning in to whisper in his ear.

"Listen, lad, the pay is good. You and I both know the whole planet is in danger, but do you know why this majestic Castle has survived for so long? It's like it doesn't even exist. Let me give you some insider information. I heard it from the young guardian Jian who visited a few months ago."

He grabbed the crying guard's face and forcefully made him look at the majestic Castle behind them.

"This place... it's even more dangerous than the enemies attacking us. Do you know why? Because there's a supreme being sleeping inside. So, even if everything else gets destroyed, this place will never be attacked. I've been here for two months, and not a single person has come to try and attack the castle! Do you think I would lie?"

The crying guard blinked, and as he processed the words, a stunned expression appeared on his face. He quickly realized that even though the fight was happening nearby for a while, they were still safe and sound. He looked at his partner and nodded solemnly. So, that's how it was.

Little did they know that the same 'supreme being' they were talking about was floating above their heads.

Kyle's eyebrows twitched violently, and a speechless expression appeared on his face.

"Damn Jian, what rumors did you spread about me to make these people stay in such a dangerous place? And a new Continent has formed? I just slept for a few months, how could things change so much?"

The guards looked up when they heard a faint voice, but the owner had already vanished before they could spot him. All they felt was a fleeting cold breeze that passed by their heads.

Kyle appeared above the place where he heard the metallic sounds. He gazed down and saw a round stage set up in the middle of countless ruined buildings.

On the stage, two individuals with scaly lizard-like skin, pointy ears, and long tails were locked in an intense spar. They were dressed in tight outfits that covered their entire bodies. Around the stage, there was a crowd of people who looked just like them. They were all standing, cheering, and placing bets on who would come out as the winner.

Kyle narrowed his eyes and noticed the black petal engraved in the middle of each individual's forehead.

'I remember the people Alec, Jian, and the others were fighting against also had similar petals in the middle of their foreheads. So, these people belong to the enemy side? I have to admit they are rather... ugly.'

In the center of the audience, there was a luxurious chair draped with blue curtains. Sitting on top of that chair was a female with the same lizard-like scales all over her body, and she had a big grin on her face. However, unlike the others, she had two petals right in the center of her forehead.

At first, Kyle didn't see anything wrong, but his eyes chilled when he saw a few chained humans in tattered clothes being dragged toward the stage. The female sitting on the luxurious chair stood up and announced that the winner would get to have the humans as their slaves.

Kyle's face turned cold as he watched the three females and two males being dragged toward the stage. He cracked his knuckles with a smile that didn't reach his eyes.

"It looks like I need to start the cleanup. Anyway, I need to make my body more comfortable for intense movements, so these people can be a good warm-up."

Instantly, everything around him went silent, and a layer of ice emerged from the air, completely engulfing the stage and the cheering crowd.

The lizard-like woman stood up from her chair when she saw ice flakes falling from the sky.

"What's happening? The sky is clear with a burning sun. So where did the snow come from?"

Not just her, but the chained humans and everyone in the crowd stared at the beautiful ice flakes. However, their eyes widened when, with a loud bang, a massive icy structure descended upon them from above.

Kyle looked at the ice domain he created and felt its strength. It had become much stronger, especially its ability to completely seal off an area from the outside space.

He disappeared, and then reappeared on the stage, capturing everyone's attention. The duo fighting on the stage and the lizard-like woman, who had just stood up from her chair, looked at him with a cautious expression. She immediately commanded her minions to attack the person who had dared to come here.

However, only after a few seconds, countless pained cries filled the air inside the icy structure that didn't even flinch from its place. The chained humans watched as the strange grey-haired man in a blue suit effortlessly crushed everyone around him almost effortlessly.

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