Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao

Chapter 3450 - 3450: Constructing a large-scale Absolute Fairness

Chapter 3450: Constructing a large-scale Absolute Fairness

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This night passed, and Princess Bixiaos name once again spread throughout the Imperial Capital.

Previously, everyone only knew that Princess Bixiao was breathtakingly beautiful, but that was all. No matter how beautiful she was, she was only a beautiful scenery, but now, it was a completely different story.

She was also an elite, stronger than the majority of the people here.

Thats right. Though Celestial Path Tier elites seemed to have spilled over, emerging endlessly in various places, that was only a legend, after all. Not many of them had been seen. Thus, Mystery Realm Tier elites could still be considered elites.

Most importantly, how old was Princess Bixiao?

She was only in her twenties, yet she was already able to stand above the Four Great Generals, the Council Chairman and the others. In fact, even Hong Tianbu, this peerless freak, paled in comparison to her. Just how inconceivable was this?

After a moment of shock, Princess Bixiao naturally attracted another wave of fans in the Imperial Capital. Who didnt want to marry such an astonishingly beautiful and powerful woman?

She was not just a pretty face.

Meanwhile, Ling Han continued to maintain his extremely thick-skinned face, staying at Bixiaos place for one day after another. In any case, if his injuries werent healed, he wouldnt leave.Visit no(v)eLb(i)n.𝘤𝑜𝓂 for the best novel reading experience

At times, he would be astonishingly arrogant, and at others, he would be incredibly crafty.

While he was recuperating, Ling Han also mulled over formation techniques. He wanted to expand Absolute Fairness and make it last longer.

It should be known that this formation had originally been transformed from a large-scale formation. Its purpose was to test the disciples of the sect or clan, and have a fair battle, or carry out some kind of sparring match. This kind of fair environment was needed.

Absolute Fairness had been simplified by the prodigies among Formation Masters, and could be laid out on clothing. Though it possessed incredible portability, it also had the disadvantage of being short in duration and having a small range of coverage.bender

Ling Han wanted to turn it back into a great formation, and set it up near his residence. Then, whoever came in would only be on the same level as him of course, he did not have to fear that his cultivation level would be weakened. In a battle of equal cultivation levels, who could be a match for him?

Moreover, he could also set the lower limit of his cultivation level, such as it couldnt be lower than Meridian Opening Tier.

He had been studying it all this while, because he had both Absolute Fairnes and the three formation foundations that he had brought out from the Ancient Dao Sect. This could provide him with some reference.

In the blink of an eye, ten days had passed, and Ling Hans injuries had finally mostly recovered, and in terms of recovering Absolute Fairness, he had also attained breakthrough progress.

He bid farewell to Princess Bixiao, and returned with his group of children.

Have a safe journey, Princess Bixiao said through gritted teeth.

Ling Han chuckled, and as he waved goodbye, he said, Ill come back more often when I have the time.


In response, Princess Bixiao waved her hand, and a powerful force swept over, firmly closing the door behind him.

Sigh, a dignified princess was personally sending him off, so how deep was her affection for him?

Ling Han laughed loudly, and strode off.

He did not directly return home, but rather went to the ingredients store to buy the necessary items to set up the formation. They were very expensive, but who asked that the thing he lacked least at present to be money?

With a wave of his hand, he bought, bought, and bought.

He brought his things home, and the first thing he did was to draw formation patterns and set them up.

After a long while, he revealed a satisfied smile.

This great formation could endlessly draw on the power of heaven and earth, so there was no longer a limit of ten minutes. However, because Ling Han was only reconstructing it based on his own understanding, and his own height was not enough, this formation could not completely depend on the power of heaven and earth. Instead, it would still consume jade seeds.

It was no big deal.

On this basis, he added a warning formation. If an outsider barged in, he would be able to sense it.

It should be about time, right? Ling Han smiled, and walked back into his room.

Xuanyuan Dingguo had long since been picked up by someone from the generals manor, and he had also recovered. When he found out that Ling Han had returned to his manor, he immediately ran over to find Ling Han.

Thank you for this time, he said.

Ling Han smiled and said, Whats there to thank me for? Youre my partner. If youre beaten, Ill help you vent your anger. Its a piece of cake.

Xuanyuan Dingguo nodded in gratitude. There was no point in saying too many words of gratitude; he would just remember this in his heart.

However, you actually were together with the Princess of the Demon Race these last few days. I am truly envious of you, Xuanyuan Dingguo was Xuanyuan Dingguo after all, so he quickly revealed his true nature.

Ling Han spread out his hands, and said, If I said that I had only been a well-behaved guest for ten days, would you believe me?

Xuanyuan Dingguo didnt say anything and simply gave him a disdainful look.

Fine, I know you dont believe me.

Ling Han sighed, and said, Theres nothing I can do even if you dont believe me.

Xuanyuan Dingguo shook his head and said, Now its not a question of whether I believe it or not, but rather those Imperial Princes! You stayed at Princess Bixiaos place for over ten days, and which Imperial Prince doesnt think that theyre being cuckolded? Especially after learning that Princess Bixiao is a Mystery Realm Tier elite, all the Imperial Princes are determined to get their hands on her.

To say nothing of those Imperial Princes, there are also the heirs of those forces outside, they are now entering the Imperial Capital gradually. In the first place, they had the intention to challenge you and Hong Tianbu, and added with the factor of Princess Bixiao, they would probably consider you as their first target.

Ling Han laughed loudly, patted Xuanyuan Dingguos shoulder, and said, Dont worry. If they dare to come, Ill deal with one if one comes. If there are ten of them, Ill deal with ten of them!

Humph, theres still us!

I can fight ten of them all by myself!

Ill fight a hundred of them alone.

Ill fight a thousand!

The Calabash Brothers also approached, and spoke one after another.

Xuanyuan Dingguo merely smiled. He naturally didnt believe that these kids would be of any use.

Ling Han didnt say anything either. The Calabash Brothers could all be said to have a Natural Divine Physique. Their physique was much stronger than the Demon Race, and in a battle of equal cultivation levels, how many of them could be a match for them

Xuanyuan Dingguo even talked about Hong Tianbu. This guy didnt die even after being smashed by Heavenly Pattern Jade, but his injuries were also very serious. However, he adventured in various ancient sites, and there were many ancient Spiritual Herbs there. It was said that he had completely recovered.

Ling Han couldnt help but break out in a cold sweat. Ancient Spiritual Herbs?

After such a long time, could it still be eaten? Had it not deteriorated? Are you sure that you would not have diarrhea if you ate it?

He grumbled for a while, then chatted with Xuanyuan Dingguo for a while longer. Only then did Xuanyuan Dingguo bid farewell and leave.

The network of the Imperial Capital had already recovered, but it was only limited to the Imperial Capital, and could no longer communicate with every corner of the Dark North Nation. In truth, aside from the Imperial Capital, all the other territories were no longer under the control of the Majestic Empire. Instead, they had basically fallen into the hands of those Celestial Path elites that had suddenly appeared.

However, because they were afraid of Chen Fengyan, none of them publicly rebelled, saying that they wanted to overthrow the Chen Clans Majestic Empire or whatnot.

Theoretically speaking, this was still the territory of the Chen Clan. However, after leaving the Imperial Capital, how far the imperial familys commands could be transmitted was another matter.

At night, an old man quietly came to visit.

It was Jin Sanyin.

Young friend, its been a long time, the old geezer greeted with a chuckle.

Ling Han also smiled, and said, Uncle, your motion technique is getting more and more amazing. You can even climb over the wall and enter.

Jin Sanyin naturally could tell that Ling Han was mocking him for entering without his invitation. However, he didnt take it to heart. He simply smiled, and said, Young friend, your battle with Hong Tianbu has truly elevated you to the position of supreme prodigy..1

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